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Thorough welfare guarantee
  The Company provides all round guarantees for employees in work and life by paying them five-insurance like social insurance and medical insurance, etc, as well as accident insurance for special positions. 

  The Company adopts 8-hour work system as regulated by national law; the employees have weekends off and legal holidays off, they also enjoy an ultra long holiday at the end of the year. Therefore, every employee has enough time for rest and leisure after work.


● Rich cultural entertainment 

  The Company organizes various recreational activities like skills competition, sports meeting, tree-planting day, recreational tourism and evening parties periodically to provide platforms for employees to show them, to promote the friendship between employees, to increase team cohesiveness and to enrich their recreational life. The “happy work, happy life” cultural concept guides the positive, open-minded and happiness pursuing living attitude of the employees of TIANWEI HENGTONG.

● Heart- warming employee care
  The Company cares employees’ lives by implementing family-like management which gives employees family atmosphere and sees everyone’s improvement. 
  Delivering warmth: the Company distributes heating allowance before winter comes each year and provides customized down jackets, cotton-padded shoes and other clothing, by which makes the employees feel cares and concerns. 
  Delivering coolness: every summer, the Company distributes summer food and provides sunstroke-preventing food like ice cream and green bean soup for all the employees ,by which make them feel cool and comfortable in summer.
  Travel care: the Company launches shuttle bus for the industry park employees , by which makes it convenient for them to go to work and go back home.
  Birthday care: birthday care is a vital part in the humanistic care that the Company initiates. The Company sends birthday blessing and exquisite birthday present to each employee on their birthday to record their improvement.
  Holiday care: in every traditional holiday, like Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and International Working Women’s Day, the employees can receive festival welfare and blessings from the Company while they are enjoying the paid holiday.
  Marriage care: the marriage of an employee is their big event as well the Company’s. The leaders of the Company attend each employee’s wedding ceremony on behalf of all the employees and send the couple sincerest blessing and wedding gift as well.
  Fertility care: the leaders of the Company congratulate the birth of the new life of the employee and may the children a healthy and happy life, a gift will also be sent to the family.
  Health care: the Company is stocked with daily OTC drugs for employee’s free taking; and it organizes overall physical examination periodically in order to ensure the health of the employees.

● Employees’ mentality care

  The Company conducts employee interview activity irregularly every year. The Company establishes good communication system; builds good communication atmosphere by conducting this activity, the activity also shows its people-oriented management concept.


● Learning platform construction
  The Company is stocked with books and audio-visual products which involve many fields like technology, operation and management; employees can borrow and read according to their needs. The Company also periodically organizes communication and knowledge sharing activities to enrich employees’ business knowledge and improve themselves constantly in HENGTONG.

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