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In 2004, the company cooperated with Sichuan Huaneng Jialing River Qingju Hydropower Station and successfully entered the hydropower industry. In the later stage, the hydropower station of the Yellow River Longkou Water conservancy project was carried out successively. The development of the company in the hydropower industry has become mature and perfect.


1 Qinghai Huangfeng Hydropower Station Project

2 Guizhou Maojiahe Hydropower Station Project

3 Yunnan Dayingjiang Hydropower Station Project

4 Xinjiang haBut Hydropower Station Project

5 Guangxi Yujiang Laokou Hydropower Station Project

6 Lechangxia water conservancy project in Guangdong Province

7 Huaneng International Sichuan Feixianguan Hydropower Station Project

8 Liaoning Sanwan water conservancy and hydropower project

9. Xinjiang jilebake Hydropower Station Project

Shiyazi hydropower station project of Hongdu River in Guizhou Province

11 Gansu Bailong River heszigou Hydropower Station Project

12 hydropower station project of Pudu river lead plant in Yunnan Province

13 Huaneng International Sichuan Jialing River Qingju Hydropower Station Project

14 Yili yamadu hydropower station project in Northern Xinjiang

Huaneng International Hunan Xiangqi water conservancy and hydropower project

16 Shanxi Huanghe Longkou Water Conservancy and hydropower project

17 xiaoshankou hydropower station project of Kaidu River in Bazhou, Xinjiang

Sado hydropower station project, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province

19 Songshanhekou hydropower station project of Binglang River, Baoshan, Yunnan

20 Xinglong south to North Water Diversion Project in Wuhan, Hubei Province

21 datongxia Hydropower Station Project

22 Three Gorges Jinsha Wudongde project

23. Liaoning Pushihe Pumped Storage Project

Tibet Pangduo water conservancy project

25. Ecuador CCS hydro generator project

26. Expansion project of centianhe reservoir in Hunan Province

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