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Wind power


Under the condition that the grounding effect of the wind farm through the arc suppression coil is poor, the company conducts the research and development of the wind farm resistance products, and successfully runs the project through independent design of honger wind farm in Ximeng, Inner Mongolia. After that, a series of small resistance retrofits have been carried out, and remarkable achievements have been achieved in Inner Mongolia and Bashang wind farms.

1. Datang International Liaoning Changtu Sanjiangkou wind farm project
2. Huaneng International Lianpeng wind power project
3. Huaneng International Weifang new energy wind power project
4. Huaneng International Hunan Huaihua subaoding wind power project
5. Huadian Buerjin wind farm project
6. Huadian Dabancheng wind farm project
7. China Resources Group - China Resources Fulai wind power project
8. China Resources Power Hubei Yicheng Xishan wind power project
9. China Resources new energy Henan wind power project
10. China Resources Power Qinghai Dachaidan Xitieshan wind power project
11. China Resources new energy Guizhou Liping and Jianhe Tiantang wind power project
12. Zhaoyuan wind power project of Guodian group
13. Qiaojia new energy Qiaojia county xinchanggou and Haiba wind farm project of Guodian group
14 Guohua Shuangliao Lianhuashan wind farm project
15. CGN Chaohu Guanhu wind farm project
16. CGN Weifang Anqiu huangdishan wind farm project
17. Four mountain wind power plants project of Three Gorges new energy, Pu’an hengchongliangzi and Shidian
18 Putian Shicheng wind farm project
19 Jilin Taobei Baofeng wind farm project
20 Shaanxi Yuyang Xiaohaotu phase I wind power project
21. Booster station project of Three Gorges new energy maitre jidanshan, cikeshan and bimenshan wind farms
22 Datang International Qujing Hongshiyan wind farm project
23. Pagingliangzi wind farm project, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province
24. CGNPC Yunnan jiajubo wind farm project
25. China Resources new energy Shanxi Yuanping Yunzhong mountain wind power project
26 CGN west