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THT-TNP-110/220/330 Transformer Neutral Grounding Protection Device


THT-TNP-110/220/330 Transformer Neutral Grounding Protection Device is designed and manufactured according to relevant stipulations of national and industrial standards such as GB311.1-1997 Insulation Coordination for High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Equipment, DL/T620-1997 Over Voltage Protection and Insulation Coordination of AC Electrical Device and The 18 Major Anti-accident Measures of STATE GRID (STATE GRID). It can be exclusively used to neutral point circuits of 110KV and 220KV power transformer, which can realize grounding and ungrounding operation of transformer neutral point. In this way, transformer damage due to neutral point voltage increase of transformer caused by system failure can be avoided.

This product is widely used in different areas such as electric power, metallurgy, coal, petrifaction, mine, construction and environment protection, etc.