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Travel to tianjin ,2014

Time of issue: : 2014-06--26
With the rising sun,Tianwei HengTongs people set off to Tianjin for a leisure trip on June 21, 2014 .   After a 4 hours drive we first came to the nations 5 A-level scenic spots- Pan mountain scenic area in Tianjin which enjoyed a high reputation of  "The first Mountain at the east of Beijing”. Pan mountain is divided into upper, middle and lower plate. Upper plate be enjoyed by winding pines ; middles by all sorts of strange stones ; lower by small and clear water .Everyone indulges in the pleasures without stop because of the beautiful natural scenery& rich culture .   We took a rest at Spring & Vacation Hotel after the hiking which is located in the Tianjin Binhai New area . In order to eliminate the fatigue of travel and hiking, we went to the Spa after dinner. Spa water ,which is limpid and transparent, contains hundreds of essential trace elements, shock Springs, bath, salt bath, herbal bath, stone-bath , fully promopts the  cycle of blood and alleviates the fatigue of the day.   It’s necessary to experience fishing life of beitang fishermen when coming Tianjin .  We boarded on the  fishing boats in the morning ,the soft sea wind made our hearts relaxed . We caugh fish with the local fishermen within 3 hours of sailing, the fresh shrimp and crab collected by the nets let us be in hight spirits especially for the citys people .   Fishermen cooked seafood on board without any condiments, which was very delicious .   We went to Tianjin Sea Picked up Bay Area and Tanggu Beach at the last stop . People looked for the beautiful seashell with the soft wind.   “Time is flying, happy memories are always in my heart.” With nostalgia, we embarked on the journey home. "Joyful work, happy life is our philosophy ,we will fight for the development of power system with  creativity & self-confidence .
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