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Spring festival ,2014


Baoding tianwei HengTong Electric Cos  "walk hand in hand, build a dream" new year party be held on January 26, 2014. Company leaders and staff gathers together to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival. In this auspicious night, all the people drinking, sharing  dining feast.


The youthful festive opening dance-opening red marks the beginning of the new year party. The get-together program, all designed and played  by TianWei HengTong man. Versatile tianwei hengtong employees, with wonderful performances to express the happiness and celebration of life and the prospect of future dreams. Curtain call song  takes the  party to  climax , profoundly interprets the TianWei HengTong team concept "toast for the win  , rescue when defeated ".


A brilliant performance, derived from TianWei HengTong persons h ard work and tireless efforts. Say goodbye to yesterday, we will write our new glory ; looking forward to tomorrow, well walk hand in hand and build a  great dream.


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