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Annual staff meeting ,2014


Tianwei HengTong staff gatheres in the Business Center Conference room of  University Science Park to held 2014-staff meeting  on February 14th, 2014. This staff meeting consists of 5 steps namely corporate culture story award, outstanding staff awards, sales  awards, outstanding manager award, top management concluding .


Staff meeting points out that TianWei Heng Tong will size opportunities for the development of the national economy to realize healthy and rapid development of the company. Tianwei hengtong will convice the company’s belief  to enterprise reform, strengthen the internal operation and management of the company, continue to promote the standardization of company management, build target assessment system, carry out system evaluation work. Meanwhile we will strengthen the training and exercises of middle and senior managers ,build a middle-level management teams with good work ethic, a strong sense of career and responsibility, positive attitude and more skills .


Years 2014 opens tianwei hengtong second 10 -year  rapid development, tianwei hengtong human will celebrate its more bright tomorrow through the teamwork and cooperation spirit .


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