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Travel to shennong mountain ,2013

On July 26, 2013, tianwei hengtong people bid farewell to the bustle of the city, with a fun, comfortable moods, is on his way to "Shen Nong mountain, mount wangwu and yuntai mountain" three-day pleasure trip in the summer.


26th at 20 oclock, after a nearly 10-hour journey, we came to a jiaozuo city, Henan province. Travel way failed to mark exhausted face to vibrant tianwei hengtong people, all the staff look forward to tomorrows stunning scenery.


The morning of 27th, we came to the worlds first global geopark, national key scenery scenic spot area, due to Shennong differentiation of crops, taste the herbs, and set the altar of heaven, named Shen Nong mountain. We visit the culture square first, it let us appreciate the elegance of ancestor; Shennong mountain peak (purple), we watch the Millennium Whitebark Pine as well as spectacular natural wonders Dragon Wall. Beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage makes people linger.


After lunch, we went to the largest wangwu mountain drifting -length of 16 km in the area--d north of the Yellow River rafting. After getting off, running water and pleasant scenery immediately drove the  tiredness away ,  we jump and can not wait to run to the entrance of the drift. Drifting initially enters into the fast-flowing drift, we held on to the rope and do not dare to have the ship a little slack. Sometimes drifting boats get into the water then turning up the water nearly submerged drifting boat, at that moment everyone is crazy . After drifting into leisure areas, play there . All people picked up bailer /water gun to fight, all the people  get in “melee" , the laughter one after another .

After the days play, the tired people are falling asleep on the way back, with sweet smile on the corners of mouth, seems to be pondering this beautiful scenery in a dream.

 In the morning dated on 28th we go to the world geological park and national 5 a-level scenic spots, steep cliff  like a knife, commonly named after the cloud-shrouded yuntai mountain . Yun tai mountain has a continuous mountain ridge , there are peaks rising one after another when look into the deep north of  Taihang mountain, there are thousands of fertile soil in the southern mountains . Pastoral just like chess yellow river just like a silk ribbon which make people relaxed and happy and enjoy the “ exceed the peak , look all the other mountains small ” mood . Wandering around the green plank road during the mountain , passing away the peak tianwang and wang , overlooking the green water between the mountain , the beautiful scenry cant be described by language . Then we come to the jade lake, the lake is deep enough all kinds of caves strange peaks. We can also view the laojun beach Hulu island tianwang rock ,sleeping beauty three pools mirroring the moon and other strange mountain and ridge.


A three-day journey is coming to an end, with nostalgia, with a sweet and wonderful memories, we embarked on the journey home. Tianwei hengtong will be in a good mood again for the development of electric power system and make unremitting efforts to new journey.


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