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“Happiness, dreams pilot”-spring festival,2013

Metal Snake Wearing the color to the Spring Festival and the magpies ascending plum bllosom brings to happiness.


On February 5, 2013, Tianwei Hengtong helds the party named "happiness, dreams pilot", all staff gets together to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival.


The exciting youth "most dazzling ethnic wind " cabaret marks the beginning of the NewYear. All the performances are designed and performed by the staff. Rich & colorful performances, beautiful stage effect with applause and cheers,  successive laughing, make the party atmosphere warm, 

Versatile employees, they express happiness and dreams in the form of artistic, and fully show the crew "based on Tianwei Hengtong, interpret your life" and the spirit of enterprise "self-confident, self- excellence".


Year 2013 which is the company’s 10 -year anniversary, this increases heavy festive colors for the New Year party. Tianwei hengtong will take it as a new start and  opportunity, and always welcome splendid tomorrow belong to Tianwei Hengtong.


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