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spring festival 2012

Happy laughter and cheerful voice , welcome New Year warmly , January 15, the companys annual Spring Festival party was held at the international club, company leaders and all staff  get together for the coming season.   The songmarks the start of the party .This party is designed and performed by employees with topical themes, rich contents, various forms  which  originality comes from work and life feeling. Sketch, dance, crosstalk show, with applause and cheers,  shows the tianwei hengtong persons versatility.  Express the great ambition of Tianwei hengtong staff and promote the spirit of self-confidence & self-improving creative spirit .  Looking back, 2011 makes us unforgettable,  what she bring us is not only the opportunities, challenges, but also gives us couragemoving confidence;  year 2012 is our opportunities, but also the striving year,  lets keep up the good work,  "heart in hengtong, set sail!"


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