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The happiness of reading

Gorky said: "books are the ladder of progress. "The book can bring you many important benefits.


Book is the nourishment of the whole world, living without books, just as there is no sunlight; Wisdom without books is like a bird without wings. A new book is like a boat, leading us from a narrow place, sail to the life of the infinite expanse of the ocean. Not reading, no real knowledge, don’t have the appreciating ability, literary talent and breadth of knowledge. Read more, can broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, wisdom, and can make yourself be creative achievement in your work ; Read more, can enrich ones own knowledge, to further understand the life, can increase their literary talent and appreciation of art, so as to make their lives more colorful and full of fun.


Book is an adviser anywhere at any time, and will always be able to supply what you need to know, and you can follow your heart and repeat the consultants number. Knowledge is power, technology is productivity. If you want to build a socialist country with a highly spiritual, it is impossible without a certain level of science and technology; Science is only mastered by few woespecially in the  highly developed science and technology today. To get all the people go to school to learn, is out of the question. We would only learn on the job, using all available time and conditions for self-study.


Diligence can Kindle flame,  is the burial tomb of genius. The ancients said: there were  Golden House and beauty.In fact , for anyone reading the maximum benefit is: let people learn knowledge and make ignorant people know; to frustrations in life, reading is the best lubricant. Face suffering, we are depressed, anxious, sad, hopeless, even low our once noble and proud head. However if there is time we thought  that books give us hope and courage, solace will be slowly dried up into our hearts, recreate the dark sky to light!


Therefore, we should read more books, lay a foundation for the rest of our life. Meanwhile, also hope our tianwei hengtong people go to reading room to learn all aspects of knowledge, commonly pursuit entrepreneurial spirit  namely "self-confidence, self-excellence"!


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