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International performance

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The company independently develops markets in developing countries such as South Africa and Indonesia, and has access to markets in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and actively develops foreign agents and offices. Because of the stable product performance, the company is highly praised by foreign people.

In 2005, the cooperation with Thailand International Paper Mill opened the way for our company to enter the international market. With excellent product quality, mature and stable product technology, the company’s products quickly occupy the international market.

In 2011, in the subcritical coal-fired project in India, the company successfully passed the world-famous "Lloyd’s quality certification", fully proving that our company’s quality management system operates well and the product quality is excellent. In 2012, Turkey project was signed, and the company’s products successfully passed the CNAs certification of "China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment", which is equivalent to various certification of international standards, thus Tianwei Hengtong series products opened the door to enter the European and American power market.

1. Main transformer of ITER pulse high voltage substation in France

2. ABB South Korea Project

3. Australia Hangzhou liquid air Australia mine project

4. Belarus Vitebsk hydropower project

5. Trotsk state power station project in Russia

6. Pribuzka substation project in Ukraine

7. Rumaila oilfield project in Iraq

8 sulaymaniya project in Iraq

9. Gas turbine power station project in missan oil field, Iraq

10 Iraq heavy oil power plant project

11. Sinosteel Turkey power station project

12. Turkey underground