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International performance

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The company independently develops markets in developing countries such as South Africa and Indonesia, and has access to markets in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and actively develops foreign agents and offices. Because of the stable product performance, the company is highly praised by foreign people.

In 2005, the cooperation with Thailand International Paper Mill opened the way for our company to enter the international market. With excellent product quality, mature and stable product technology, the company’s products quickly occupy the international market.

In 2011, in the subcritical coal-fired project in India, the company successfully passed the world-famous "Lloyd’s quality certification", fully proving that our company’s quality management system operates well and the product quality is excellent. In 2012, Turkey project was signed, and the company’s products successfully passed the CNAs certification of "China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment", which is equivalent to various certification of international standards, thus Tianwei Hengtong series products opened the door to enter the European and American power market.

1. Main transformer of ITER pulse high voltage substation in France

2. ABB South Korea Project

3. Australia Hangzhou liquid air Australia mine project

4. Belarus Vitebsk hydropower project

5. Trotsk state power station project in Russia

6. Pribuzka substation project in Ukraine

7. Rumaila oilfield project in Iraq

8 sulaymaniya project in Iraq

9. Gas turbine power station project in missan oil field, Iraq

10 Iraq heavy oil power plant project

11. Sinosteel Turkey power station project

12. Turkey underground natural gas storage project

13 ICDAS Biga power station project of Sinosteel Turkey

14. Iran MKP project

15. Qiangmu River project in Iran

16 Pakistan JPL wind farm project

17. Pakistan Hawa wind farm project

18 thar coal fired power plant project in Pakistan

19. Pakistan sahiwar coal fired power plant project

20. Pakistan triken Boston wind power project

21. Pakistan hae wind farm project

22. Pakistan jimpur united energy wind farm project

23. Pakistan zefei project

24 pakistan karachi Ke project

25 Pakistan coal fired power plant project

26 Pakistan GCL waste heat power generation project

27. Pakistan sapphire wind power project

28 coal fired power plant project in jasuguda, India

29 coal fired power plant project in goodlow, India

30 subcritical coal fired power plant project in India

31. India Jiajia power plant supercritical coal-fired unit project

32 wpcl project in India

33 Goodall project in India

34 payra power plant project in Bangladesh

35 hilaganji power plant project in Bangladesh

36 Padma water plant project in Bangladesh

37 Sirajganj power station project in Bangladesh

38. Reconstruction project of Bangladesh gulashao Hydropower Station

39 Bangladesh asugangjie heavy oil power plant project

40 national power transmission network development project of Bangladesh power grid

41. Upgrading project of gulashao gas power station in Bangladesh

42 Philippines pedc3 project

43 therma Visayas project in the Philippines

44 putingbatu coal fired power plant project in the Philippines

45 San Buenaventura project, Philippines

46 Philippines mesas CFB coal fired power plant project

47 Kyrgyz substation project

48 Bishkek substation project in Kyrgyzstan

49 Singapore Metro Project

50 Guohua Indonesia Java coal fired power generation project

51 Heidelberg project in Indonesia

52 Indonesia China java project

53 Bau Bau project in Indonesia

54 pltu project in Indonesia

55 Sulawesi power generation project in Indonesia

56 coal fired power plant project in Nanga, Indonesia

57 Indonesia Qingshan phase IV power plant project

58 Indonesia tjb5 × 6 × power plant project

59 Indonesia Qingshan Dexin substation project

60 Indonesia zhilaza coal fired power plant project

61 pt.phg power station project in Medan, Indonesia

62 Indonesia Sulawesi bulk carrier project

63. Indonesia Jinguang boiler island project

64 Indonesia smgp geothermal power generation phase II project

65 coal fired power plant project in gilipudo, Indonesia

66 Indonesia pusaka Jaya power generation project

67 Indonesia Guangqing nickel power generation project

68 pltu pama-01 project in Indonesia

69 TK-4 project of tjiwi Kimia power plant in Surabaya, Indonesia

70 Indonesia Muara Jawa cfspp coal fired power plant project

71 Aqaba project in Jordan

72 Saudi Arabia project

73 Vietnam Yongxing coal fired power plant project

74 American B & V Vietnam high voltage plant transformer project

75 Vietnam hoong Dien hydropower project

76 Vietnam ningpingneng high quality glass factory project

77 large scale photovoltaic power plant project in Malaysia

78 nantahe Hydropower Station Project

79. Sekeman project in Laos

80 Laos Nanjian Hydropower Station Project

81 Myanmar kyushi cement self provided power station project

82. Myanmar Mengwa Hydropower Station Jingyang substation project

83 Malaysia Hume project

84 substation project of Malaysia Donggang comprehensive steel plant

85 Kazakhstan uskmen thermal power project

86. Zhongse Kazakhstan petroleum coke sintering project

87 Thailand AED project

88. Asian mud project in Thailand

89 Hangzhou steam turbine power generation project in Wuxi, Thailand

90 Cambodia second phase power transmission and transformation project

91 Dadai river power station project in Cambodia

92 Cambodia Sihanouk port coal fired power plant project

93 Zambia maamba coal fired power plant project

94 Zambia 089 project

95 power transmission and transformation project of Nairobi City Square in Kenya

96 Giza project of Shenyang Transformer Substation in Egypt

97 shrouk west project in Egypt

98 Egypt ataqa power station project

99 Egypt South Helwan supercritical power plant complete project

100 Ethiopian sugar factory project

101 Rongxin Nampula project in Mozambique

102 Guinea stacker reclaimer project

103 Angola project

104 Manville hydropower station in Cameroon

105 Chile national copper project

106 GA project in Brazil

107 Brazil plant transformer project

108 Brazil coal fired power plant project

109 Ecuador CCS hydro generator project

110 Venezuelan alcohol plant project

111 Venezuela electrolytic aluminum plant project

112 petrocedeno project in Venezuela

113 Venezuela barenas 100MW heavy oil power plant project

114 Panama colon project in Panama

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