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Competition to recognize talents and make the most of them


       Market competition ultimately boils down to talent competition. Talent is the foundation and guarantee for promoting the sustained and healthy development of enterprises. As a top priority of enterprise development strategy, talent strategy should establish a competition mechanism that enables employees who love life, are full of passion, honest and upright, willing to take responsibility and dare to innovate to have a good development space and fully realize their own value.

Competitive Intelligence

       Tianwei Hengtong has established a benign competition mechanism devoted to creating an open, fair, equitable, and reasonable selection process for talent through competition, discovering and selecting talents. The company does not place blame on individuals and encourages employees to achieve outstanding results, allowing each employee to continuously improve their comprehensive qualities and realize their own life values on ordinary positions.

Give full scope to the talents

       Tianwei Hengtong has a humanized management mechanism where everyone has the potential to excel and every position can produce talents. The required qualities for each job include being competent, aligned with company culture, possessing a cooperative spirit, being good at learning, and daring to innovate. Promoting positive work attitudes and initiative among employees, the company encourages them to improve their comprehensive qualities and, in turn, increase their remuneration. This creates a better living environment for themselves and their families.