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Nuclear power


In 2008, the company cooperated with Lingao Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. of CGNPC to successfully install and use the domestic resistance products of our company, breaking the situation that the resistance products of nuclear power industry have been dependent on foreign imports, and successfully started the localization process of resistance products. After that, through extensive cooperation with cnpec Ningde, Hongyanhe, Sanmen Nuclear Power, Haiyang nuclear power, etc., it established that the company’s neutral grounding resistance series products are in the leading and monopoly position in the nuclear power industry.

1. Fujian Fuqing nuclear power plant project of CNNC
2. Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant Project of CNNC
3 "China Nuclear Corporation Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Project
4. Fujian Ningde nuclear power plant project of CGNPC
5. Guangdong Taishan nuclear power plant project of CGNPC
6. Guangdong Lingao nuclear power plant project of CGNPC
7. Shandong Haiyang nuclear power plant project of China Power Investment Corporation
8. Huaneng International Shandong Shidaowan nuclear power plant project
9. Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant Project of CGNPC
10. Guangxi Fangchenggang nuclear power plant project of CGNPC
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